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African Hand Crafted Art Products

5 in 1 Selfie Stick Tripods Demo

5 in 1 and 2 Mode for Camera and Smart Phone Selfie Stick. With Led Light, More stable, stronger and longer extension
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3-Pack Premium Face Mask Demo

Kéviji 3-Pack premium face mask Youth/Adult breathable, comfortable and washable. 4 layers cotton + 3 PM2.5 filters included(black, grey and Blue)

Who we are and our Mission

Keviji.ca is proudly managed by young Americans and Canadians entrepreneurs. We offer a wide variety of high quality products at a very affordable price to support the middle and low classes across Canada and the United States.
With our team of young entrepreneurs, our goal is to build a trusted brand, providing you with all the products that you need without breaking your bank. We continue to grow and expend our team from young entrepreneurs fresh out of high school to seniors where we receive our guidance.
The diversity of our team is what makes us stronger and we are proud to announce that we have a 70% ownership by the people of color. Having all different backgrounds and cultures gave us a clear advantage understanding a wide variety of our customers.

We are very proud to contribute to our communities by regularly organizing giveaways where we gave away 1000s of our products last year alone and being part of charity events supporting our Health Care Workers (As regularly mentioned on Virgin Radio Calgary). Our giveaways are regularly announced and documented on our Instagram page.

We are always open for criticism and guidance from anyone else and we really value your input in helping us achieve our mission.
Whether it’s by leaving us a public review or contacting us directly, we would always LOVE to hear from you.

Thank you for supporting us.


Kéviji Team

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