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SALE - KENTE Extra Long 72"×22" Headwrap ANKARA Dashiki African Print Head Wraps/Scarfs for Women - Green, Black and Orange Headwrap Tie Hat

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SALE - African prints head wraps/scarfs.

Novarena 1 PC Kente Ankara Traditional Headwraps Dashiki Ties Multicolor Extra Long 72" Head Scarfs and Wraps Wax African Print Turban Hats Women's Ladies Girls Ethnic Tribal. African printed head scarves are the ideal choice for women who seek a stylish head covering.

Hats and wigs are wonderful, but head scarves deliver unsurpassed versatility and glamour.

For those who prefer completely carefree head coverings, we offer many fashionable head scarves for women.
If you haven’t already discovered the magic of head scarves, welcome! Magically transform a beautiful piece of fabric into stylish headwear.

They are 100% WAX fabric and the head wrap size is 72"×22".

We work with online stores, boutiques and brick & mortar stores around the world. At Novarena, we offer wholesale prices in the retail, baby, household, fashion, ethnic tribal African jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces, masks, sculptures, online retail and other industries